Steve Jobs Dead at 56!

A true visionary has passed! He forever changed technology and how we use it in our lives! His brilliance will truly be missed! [...]

Frankenstein Flask

Frankenstein Flask - A hand painted original of a Frankensteinish bolt head on a flask. Will be in the store for sale soon!

Frankenstein Paper Toy

I really like some of the paper toys out there and I have been wanting to create my own for awhile. Frankenstein has always been one of my favorite characters to illustrate ...

My Ghost Picture?

My favorite holiday Halloween is just around the corner, so I decided to re-post this photo of the unexplained taken on the grounds [...]

Venice Beach Graffiti

Some photos taken of the Venice Beach Graffiti - Venice Beach, California. [...]

Belmont Shore Car Show

Photos taken at the Belmont Shore Car Show [...]

Nice Bike

Nice Triumph Motorcycle! [divider]

Los Angeles Graffiti

Some photos taken of Los Angeles Graffiti - Los Angeles, California.