In Progress: Pineapple Express

I liked how these came out, so I thought I would post them. A couple of the elements going into my next Tiki [...]

Why I HATE Shopp and LOVE Cart66

vs Shopp Let me first start by saying Shopp Sucks! Don't waste your money on Shopp, but if you do decide to purchase [...]

Detroit Rod City

Detroit Rod City I was lucky enough to be in "Detroit Rod City" (Michigan) this year at the same time the "Detroit Autorama" [...]

See Big Cross in the Woods, “Check”

Indian River, Michigan is home to "The Cross in the Woods," a local landmark since 1954. The cross in the woods is the [...]

A Car Named “Gaylord?”

Just off Michigan I-75 on the way to Mackinac Island, there is a town called "Gaylord" and being immature, I laughed [...]

Dean Jeffries

  Dean Jeffries 50 Fabulous Years in Hot Rods, Racing & Film. Nice book about custom car builder Dean Jeffries, best [...]